Questions you may want to ask?


Is my online gallery secure, who can view it?

Yes your gallery is secure. You have the link and you can share it with friends and family.  They can then order anything they would want through yourself, or if they use the email that they registered to view the gallery with they can order direct.

Can I print my images any size for the digital files? 

Yes in most cases that will be fine. Although if you want something billboard sized let me know before the shoot. most people print up to around 20×16″ or as big as 33×46″ which is about A0 paper size.


When can I see my images?


For family and newborn its a 2 week turn around. Although it can be quicker it allows for any illness or surprises so you can get your images on time. 

For weddings I say 6 weeks as in peak season it can get very hectic. I do get so excited to see the images though so just as you can wait, I get cake and get editing.

What happens if my child brings up milk or has a leaky nappy? 

I clean it up and we move on to what the plan was, everything in the studio is designed within reason to be put in the washing machine. 
I get it can be stressful when its other peoples furniture or clothing but honestly im so chilled out about it and I have a spare change of clothes so very chilled environment.


My child never does what they are told or gets over excited how can I contain them? 

They are here to have fun and yes get some great photos but honestly if you stress they stress. I take it easy and give them time to cooperate have a laugh and take it at their pace. I get we expect the world of our children when we are out but its a new place to be and that’s fun too. Im a big kid at heart so I love the energy.


I have a food allergy / food cultural need what can I expect?

I check if you have allergies or dietary requirements. I always bring cake or something to snack on so I check if you have any allergies. Also if you have say a nut or fish allergy or a cultural foods you cannot eat I avoid those foods 24 hours beforehand. That way I can I hope limit any risk of allergic reaction and I can also honour your cultural needs.


I don’t want certain things in my photography how do I explain this?

Let me know if you have rituals eg bracelets that offer protection, you wear a bindi, I need to wear certain clothing.  Your culture is very important to me and I love learning about new cultural practices. Some cultures have superstitions or certain dates when things happen eg henna, or head shaving on day 7 after birth. 
Let me know and we can plan how and when to take the photographs. Do you want to incorporate these rituals into your photo session?  I am happy to accommodate or wear head coverings to support you have those memories.  


We have a different family set up is that ok?Sure every family is different from a Mum and Auntie to Grandparents or Mums and Dads, 2 Mums/Dads. What ever your family is made up of its made of love. family should be like great cake a selection of ingredients/people, that involves hard work, blood sweat and tears. Then you get the sweet yummy treat that helps and makes memories. the expression “O hanna!” means family and it means nobody gets left behind, is something I feel is all that matters.


Can my animals be involved?

I love animals and have worked with horses before so any size of animal is fine just let me know and I will bring my wellies or clothing that is furry friendly. 


I want an Album, prints, usb, and a set of 6×4 prints to share.

No problem all of the above can be created to make your ability to share your images even easier. Due to postal delays items can take 2-6 weeks to come but are often quicker just be aware that delays can happen. I will however track your items and keep you updated.