Privacy & data Statement.

The Privacy statement below lays out how we use your data and images.

  1. Owl Berry Photography will retain your personal data only for the purpose of delivering the photographic services requested.
  2. If you choose to remain on our database afterwards for any offers or for the purposes of being returning customers eg. Bump to baby sessions. We will only store your details on our email service provided by google.
  3. Under NO circumstances except in the case of police request will we share your contact data for any reason.
  4. Images sent for printing will be given to the printers without your personal information.
  5. In the case of you supplying payment information for recurring payments all info will be stored on our computer in the form of a word or Pages document.
  6. On completion of payment we will destroy records of financial information unless you request we continue to store it.
  7. While we will endeavour to not permit third parties to copy your images we cannot prevent screen shots of images.
  8. We will on discovery of such infringements, contact the host of such images, to report such infringements & request removal.
  9. All images taken will remain the property of Owl Berry Photography by retention of copyright and intellectual property.
  10. All persons purchasing images will be issues with a personal usage licence.

10.1 personal licence covers all printing for personal use within the family and friends network of the client.

10.2 The use for commercial purposes, can be arranged by act of licence of the image which will incur a usage fee.

10.3 usage fees are payable upon receipt of invoice and the invoice must be paid prior to usage.

10.4 Failure to apply for a licence will mean that the person using the images will be liable for cost of license for usage, damages in respect of the usage being used, damages for anything that the photographer does not wish to be associated with or would cause deformation of character.

11. All photos have the right to non disclosure.

11.1 In respect of NDA this gives you the client the ability to only have your images on your online gallery for a maximum of 3 months to 1 year depending on the type of services required.

11.2 All images will be stored on external hard drives.

11.3 once a gallery is archived from an online gallery unless other wise agreed images can be published for marketing.

12. Signing of an initialing of various highlighted points in the contract will  be binding

12.1 if anything changes you are to make notifications in writing to what effect this will take.

12.2 OBP will endeavour to within 30 days remove data on public display.

12.3 OBP will retain for its records the images and contracts

12.4 This protects clients and OBP from misuse and reparation for such misuse’s.